Guidelines for Transferring Two Year College to Four Year College or University

My educational goals are to hopefully be a licensed clinical social worker. I also plan on finishing grad school at either UNC Chapel Hill or NC State. – I was able to visit some of the colleges that came here to Guilford Technical Community College. I was also able to get my admissions waived, and I was also able to schedule college visits. – Take advantage of the transfer program to take as many classes as you can. Get in touch with your career advisers. Be mindful of the major that you want to major in and keep an eye out on your FASFA.

Prior to transferring, I was able to contact the four year university that I was interested in, and they were able to give me a college tour, give me information on my major, and I was also able to do consortium classes through GTCC to make sure that that’s the actual university that I wanted to attend before transferring permanently from Guildford Technical Community College.

The biggest difference between a four year and a two year is that a four year university has larger classroom sizes. Two year community college is more so, smaller, more like a family feel, kind a have like one adviser. Your classes are kind of scattered between only a certain number of buildings whereas four year universities you have maybe 10 to 15 minutes to get across campus.  My final advice would be to take advantage of all the opportunities you have here at Guildford Technical Community College.

Whether that’s keeping in touch with your advisers, letters of recommendation, the consortium program, academic advising, and the transfer program. Any type of organization that you can get involved in here, add that to your resume. Build relationships, keep in touch. If anyone interested to join community college, here is the mass list of all community colleges list, so you can browse your nearby community colleges through in our list . This is our recommended page source.

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