Healthy Food for New Year Special

shows up to help, and proves han solo right again. Maintaining a new year’s resolution is always a challenge. This year why not make it happen. Whether attempting a new diet, elaborate exercise routine or saying no to stress, 2017 is the year of you. Lifestyle expert here to help us make a fresh start. Welcome to the show. Thanks so much, natalie.

You have any new year’s resolutions this year? i do. Minus to enjoy life more and live in the moment. i love that, tips on how we can stay on track with our resolutions. Number 1 you say baby steps? Absolutely. your resolution going to the gym three times a week, losing weight, small steps. That is something that is actionable. You can do it every day and it fits into your lifestyle. That is why i love rudy’s organic bakery because they are better for you breads made with organic, wholesome ingredients. For someone like me who has three little kids and i make sandwiches every day for them to take to schools that will be a big payoff by the end of the year.

One small step, swapping out bread. Those of the kinds of changes that encourage people to make. We go through a lot of bread in our house too.    You also say dream right and do? what i mean by that is, think about what you want to achieve but then you have to right it down whether physical notebook or put in your iphone or share it on facebook. it holds you accountable unless people know what you are after and then they hopefully help you along the rest of the year. sharing it is very important. one of my goals is to eat breakfast every day. i find with those three kids i am rushing out the door.

I love new yoplait greek 100 protein. In every cup there are 14-15 grams of protein, which makes it an excellent source. I throw on top my fresh fruit, maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon that way i know i am nourished throughout the day until i get to lunch time. Trying to get more protein in my diet as well and you also say revamp your eating habits. a little easier said than done.

think about snacks and how many times a day we are snacking. you need to make sure those calories are doing something for you, not working against you. if you snack on something like popcorn it is great, a whole- grain. check out level redenbacher the only leaving — leading brand using real butter and 100- calorie portion is more filling and satisfying than the same amount of calories of chips or pretzels. definitely something to put on your list and to pair with your popcorn try pomegranate juice. in every bottle they press four whole pomegranates. no sugar no preservatives, just beautiful hruby red color from the fruit. and a ucla study found that pomegranate juice has more antioxidant capacity than red wine or green tea. definitely try that.

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