Definition of Sanctification

Let’s talk about this thing of the struggle after you come into being a Christian. You had a lady come up at church and say some thing that was very interesting. Tell us what it was. We want to get into this word.

What is “sanctification,” okay? Barber: Well, sanctification is, in my definition,learning to live out what God says we already are. And that’s bottom line to what we are talking about right here. Through God’s Word we know Him. But also through God’s Word we begin to under stand what we’ve become. And like in Colossians, he says you’re already complete in the Lord Jesus Christ. And so this lady came up to me and she said,“Wayne, when I got saved all hell broke loose. ” And my first answer to her was, “Welcome to the normal Christian life.

” But she said, “You did not tell me about this. ” It puts us into an arena we were never in before.

In Romans, Paul says, you know before you were saved you weren’t worried about righteousness. That wasn’t a big deal. But now that you’re saved, it becomes areal struggle. That’s Romans 6 when he talks about the struggle that we have with the flesh. Yes, I have a brand new nature, I’ve partaken of the nature of Christ; but I still have my flesh to deal with. And that’s a battle royal that begins the moment we receive Christ in our hearts.

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