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Out in Jersey, Oct/Nov 2008

Reviewed by Ashley Wildes


"The anthology, that tricky blend of writing that only a few editors can manage to get right, is sometimes a cache of fantastic writings. Yet, though beating a dead horse, it is used to help gain readership in the sometimes-forgotten world of poetry. This collection, "Sanctified: An Anthology of Poetry by LGBT Christians" was actually a smart move on the part of editor Justin R. Cannon. For the first time ever, there is poetry presenting the religious journey of the LGBT community.

No longer should lifestyle be the decider of the faithful. Saint Peter will have to find another method for sending people away from those infamous pearly gates. Everyone in this book believes in God, trusts God, and knows that they have every right to do so, regardless of sexuality. Poets such as J. Michael Braiden, in his poem "Irrepressible," shows how an abundance of faith can keep anyone going. Faith should, after all, support personal growth.

New voices in poetry help to define queer theology in the genre of poetry. The Christian God is a God of love. Through praise, through faith, and even through unfounded prejudice, poetry, in this case, can be a means to become closer with Him. In the words of Al-Antony Moody, "Mercy and Kindness upholds his heavenly throne."


Sanctified: An Anthology of Poetry by LGBT Christians
Edited by Justin R. Cannon

Sanctified is the world's first poetry anthology featuring works exclusively by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans Christians. "I am excited about this publication because LGBT Christians' voices need to be heard not only in church meetings, city councils, and courtrooms, but also in the literary arena. I believe poetry is an intimate, very revealing form of writing, and that this anthology speaks deeply to the experience of queer Christians in our world," says editor Justin R. Cannon.

The final product is a beautiful tome of 142 pages featuring poetry by thirty-three poets including: Stephen Barlett-Re, Jeffrey Barnes, Ben Barton, J. Michael Braiden, Nathan I. Brisby, Justin Cannon, John Coons, Sharon E. Cutts, Trey Dayton, Edward Gerard DeBonis, Christopher Alan Gaskins, Mario Gerada, Mario Gonzalez, Heidi Griepp, Chad Gurley, Linda Heidenreich, Lucas Roberto Hoare, Ryan Hollist, Timothy Holyoake, Wes Jamison, Jeffery Johnson, Henry Juhala, Erik J. Koepnick, Mark Koerber, Jose A. Lopez "Joalby", Gregory Loselle, Timothy Metzner, Lucas Mix, Al-Antony Moody, Connie Schroeder, Richard Tetreault, Robert Thompson, and Fred Turpin.

Publication Date: Jul 15 2008
ISBN/EAN13: 1438247850 / 9781438247854
Page Count: 142
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Poetry / Inspirational & Religious

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"We are pleased to annouce the publication of the world's first poetry anthology devoted to works by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans Christians – 'Sanctified: An Anthology of Poetry by LGBT Christians', edited by the Rev. Justin R. Cannon. Copies can be purchased online at or"




 Inclusive Orthodoxy

Justin R. Cannon, Chief Editor of Sanctified, is the founder of, an affirming outreach to LGBT Christians centered around his Bible study "The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality" is a nonprofit ministry supporting Christians worldwide who happen to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). Our Mission, "sharing Christ's light and love for all," is carried out in 5 primary directions, to impact individuals, families, communities, churches, and the world.

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